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TEA is a test measuring candidates ability to communicate in plain English and in an aviation context. It is not a test of their operational knowledge or aviation phraseology.

The following are the ICAO Rating Scale descriptors that are assessed during the test;

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Interactions

The final rating is not the average or aggregate of the ratings in each of the six ICAO language proficiency skills but the lowest of these six ratings.

The ICAO Language Proficiency Rating scale of concern to pilots and controllers are as follows;

  • LEVEL 6 Expert
  • LEVEL 5 Extended
  • LEVEL 4 Operational

ICAO Document 9835, Appendix A; RecommendationThe language proficiency of aeroplane, airship, helicopter and powered-lift pilots,
flight navigators required to use the radiotelephone aboard an aircraft, air traffic controllers and aeronautical station operators who demonstrate proficiency below the Expert Level (Level 6) should be formally evaluated at intervals in accordance with an individual’s demonstrated proficiency level, as follows:

       a) those demonstrating language proficiency at the Operational Level (Level 4) should be evaluated at least once

every three years; and
       b) those demonstrating language proficiency at the Extended Level (Level 5) should be evaluated at least once

every six years.

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