Student Financial Services (Accounting) – University of Kyrenia
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Student Financial Services (Accounting)

The Student Financial Services team performs the following student procedures related to students payments and financial transactions:

Tuition Payment Procedures:

Tuition, social activities, internship, flight training expenses, transcript fees, etc.

Important Reminder: The Accounting department only accepts payment by credit card. All cash payments made through Near East Bank branch, which is located at the campus. Wire and EFT payments are to be made to our T.R. İş Bank account numbers.

University of Kyrenia Bank Account Numbers 

Payment Options

  1. Advance payment
    The deadline for the advance payment is 8th of September
  2. Two installments for term, 10% interest
    The deadlines for payment of two installments are on the 8th of  September and 8th of January.
  3. Eight installments, 15% interest
    The deadlines for payment of eight installments are on the 8th of September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April.


Student Status Determination

Active students: A student who has made a payment for the current academic semester and has activated regisration at the Student Financial Services (Accounting).

Non-active student:  Students who has not made a payment for the current academic semester and has not activated their registration at the Student Financial Services (Accounting).

Course Registration

Students who have an active status can register courses with Faculty and Student Affairs Assistants themselves or with their advisors once they have received the access codes for the student information system.

Important reminder: Students, who will attend the internship and flight trainings, must visit the Student Financial Services (Accounting) department to renew registration in order to start internship and flight training procedures.


Midterm / Final / Makeup Examination Entry Procedures

Students, who have been approved by the Student Financial Services (Accounting) department, obtain  Examination Entrance Documents from the Student Information System. Students who do not have an entrance examination document will not be allowed to attend the examination.


Midterm Examination Entrance Document: half (1/2) of the semester fee must be paid to obtain the document.

Final + Make-up Examination Entrance Document: the entire semester fee must be paid to obtain the document.


Important Reminder: The approvals of the Examination Entrance Documents are issued automatically through the Student Information System. Each student is required to print the exam entrance documents before examination. In order to avoid problems during the examination week, students must check if they can obtain an examination entrance document a week before the exam.

Example of Exam Entrance Document

Student Financial Services (Accounting)