Unlimited Shipmaster Hilmi ŞAHLI – University of Kyrenia

Unlimited Shipmaster Hilmi ŞAHLI

He was born in Cyprus on April 17, 1965 in the town of Lefke. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1988, Deck Department. Deck Officer international companies before, then I. Ocean-Going Master Officer and served as captain by taking proficiency. In 1995, the Near East University Training ship M / Y Captain TEAL began his career at the university were appointed. In 1996, the establishment of the Faculty of Maritime Studies at the same time began teaching as an instructor. In 2003, the Institute of Education Sciences, Education, Management, Supervision and Planning at the Department of Economics, has completed her master’s degree. February since 2003 has been assigned as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of maritime continues. In addition, currently the Faculty of maritime Quality Coordinator, Head of Training and Standards Commission Undersecretariat of maritime Affairs, the official auditor of the Nomination Committee. Courses offered: COLREG 72, Celestial Navigation, Marine Communications, Simulation ARPA, GMDSS Simulation.

Attended Seminars and Courses:

  1. Ship’s Captain’s Medical Training 28-29.09.1997
  2. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Course7 07-10.09.1998
  3. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Training Course 1 01-05.09.1998
  4. Elementary First Aid Training Course 11-13.09.1998
  5. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Training Course 14-16.09.1998
  6. Personal Survival Techniques Training 17-19.09.1998
  7. Global maritime Distress and Safety System General Operator’s Course 14-22.09.1998
  8. Radar Observation and Plotting Course 15-17.02.1999
  9. The Operational use of Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)Course 22-24.02.1999
  10. Electronic Navigation Aids Course 18-21.02.1999
  11. N.E.U. Teaching Certificate Spring 1996-Fall 1999
  12. General Assembly of the International Association of maritime Universities 26-29.06.2000
  13. XI. Educational Sciences Congress 2002
  14. Medical Care Aboard Ship’s Training
  15. Regional Training Course On Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers (IMO Model Course 3.12) 15-26.04.2002
  16. Open Water Diver(PADI) 13.04.2003
  17. National Seminar and Workshop On Quality Standard System 15-19.09.2003
  18. Advanced Fire Fighting Training
  19. Ship Security Officer Training 23-24.02.2004
  20. Training Course For Instructors Course 04-08.07.2005
  21. Quality Standards Auditor Training 08-09.09.2008
  22. I. Question Bank Development Workshop 07-12.03.2010
  23. I. Question Bank Development Workshop 12-17.03.2011
  24. Bridge Resourse Management, Bridge Team Management Training Course 08-10.06.2011
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