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Projects Involved

The University of Kyrenia is a partner of one of the voluntary partners of the EU project entitled “The Micro B3 Project “. The project is within the EU 7th Framework Programme and sponsored through Grant agreement no 287589. The Universty of Kyrenia is an active participant of the Work Package 2, which is lead by Dr.Dawn Field from the University of Oxford (UK). Project started on 01 January 2012 and the duration is 4 years. The consortium of the Project is composed of 32 interdisciplinary academic and industrial partners.

The Micro B3 (Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology) project aims to develop innovative bioinformatic approaches and a legal framework to make large-scale data on marine viral, bacterial, archaeal and protists genomes and metagenomes accessible for marine ecosystems biology and to define new targets for biotechnological applications.

The University of Kyrenia is among the 15 institutions which already accomplished Ocean Sampling Days mission.

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