Hüseyin MERAY – Girne Üniversitesi

Hüseyin MERAY

He was born in Cyprus, in Bağlıköy(a small village) on 20th May 1947. He completed his elementary education in the village school secondary education in Lefke town.

  • In 1965 he graduated from the Nicosia Türkish Lycee.
  • In 1968 he went to Turkey for higher education and in 1972 graduated from University of Istanbul, Philosophy department.
  • In 1972-1973 academic year he completed his study on English Language and Litarature in the City of London Polytechnic.
  • Between September 1973 and February 1974 he worked as stagiair in the commission of the European Union (at that time referred to as Common Market) in Brussels.
  • In 1974-75 carried out Post-graduated studies and specialised on European Affairs, at the College of Europe which is situated in Brugge, Belgium.
  • In 1976 turned back to Cyprus and occupied in International Trade in a small size enterprise as a partner of it.
  • In 1990 commenced working ın PPI Liner services, a ship owning shipping company continued at the same untill 1993 in “Ugland Brother’s” shipping company, a Norwagion shipping company which boughit out PPI Liners.
  • In 1993 enrolled to the Instutie of Chartered Shipbrokers in London completed his studies successfully in 1997 and accepted as a member of the Institute of chartered shipbrokers.
  • In the years 1997-98 he worked in a private shipping company in Istanbul.
  • In 1998 he started to work as a Lecturer in the Near East University at the Faculty of Maritime Studies.
  • At present he carry out his duty as the Head of maritime Business and Management and Lecturer.
  • Huseyin Meray is married and have two children.
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