Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • What if I do not obtain a health report for departments of Pilotage, Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering?
    Applicants who do not submit the required health report cannot be registered.

  • I am using eyeglasses, can I register to Department of Pilotage?
    The doctor who will issue the health report will decide in accordance with the requirements and laws of JAR-FCL-3 and state whether you can register to Department of Pilotage. If you have any doubts about your vision ability, you can in advance require a sight examination from an authorized hospital and clear the issue.

  • Which licences are conferred upon the graduates of the Department of Pilotage?
    Graduates of the Department of Pilotage are conferred upon the diploma of Undergraduate Professional Flight Diploma, and following this, can complete the ATP (A) courses and obtain Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) provided that they take and pass the flight exams administered by SHGM, as well as licence of instrument rating (IR),  and flight instructor (FI) licence.


  • What happens in cases of failure in applied flight trainings or disinclination for applied flight trainings? 
    Students, who become successful from the theoretical courses and start to flight trainings from the beginning of the 3rd semester but fail at the applied training courses or unwilling to continue with flight trainings, are provided with the opportunity to transfer to other programs of the university, taking their base points into account. Besides, those who complete their 2 years theoretical and  PPL flight trainings successfully can graduate with an associate degree upon their preference.


  • How about the tuition fees of Department of Pilotage?
    Annual tuition fee for the Department of Pilotage is 9000€, however, the flight expenses in year 2, 3 and 4 are also added to this amount. The cost of flight expenses  is 27,000€ and this amount can be divided into years upon request. In this respect, students pay only 9000€ for the first year. In the following years including year 2, 3 and 4, the amount to be paid is 9000€ + 9.000€  for each year:

  • What must be paid if full scholarship granted for the Department of Pilotage?
    The full scholarship granted to students who gained the right of full scholarship through the OSYM Placement Exam includes the fees for English Preparatory School, education fees and flight expenses. Expenses apart from these, such as accommodation, catering, transportation, etc. must be covered by the students.


  • Can you provide detailed information about the OSYM base points, education languages and annual fees?
    Detailed information about the OSYM base points, education languages and annual fees can be obtained from the link below:
    The departments of which the base points are not given are the departments newly opened. In this respect, as the minimum passing score is 180, the quota allocated for the departments must be taken into consideration.


  • How long is apprenticeship period for Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering? 
    The apprenticeship program of the Department of Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering, which is a 4 year based program, is carried out in open seas for 12 months. In this respect, the students of this department must spend the period of summer holidays of the first and second years for apprenticeship studies in open seas, the whole of the second term and the summer period of the third year. For the apprenticeship studies that are carried out during the third year of the program, students are required to pay 546€ as the apprenticeship fee, instead of the tuition fee. The fees are regular and up-to-date, however may change in time. For further information, please get in touch with the departmental secretary from  Tel: 0090 392 680 2000.


  • What is the period of apprenticeship for Department of Marine Engineering?
    Apprenticeship for Department of Marine Engineering are carried out for 12 months. At least half of the apprenticeship program, which is six months, is carried out in open seas, and the rest can be carried out in shipyards or at other relevant places where marine engineering apprenticeship studies can be carried out. For further information, please get in touch with the departmental secretary from  Tel: 0090 392 680 2000.


  • Is apprenticeship program compulsory at the departments of the Maritime Vocational School?
    The education period of associate degree programs are based on a two-year program (if English Preparatory School program included, the education period goes up to 3 years). Students studying at the associate degree programs where apprenticeship is not compulsory, can carry out the apprenticeship program upon their own wish. Students who conduct apprenticeship program can enter the GASM exam and can be employed as officers for limited tasks.


  • Which departments are included in Package Program?
  • Departments of Faculty of Maritime Studies
  • Departments of Maritime Management
  • Departments of Marine Sciences
  • Departments of Maritime Vocational School
  • Departments of Aviation and Space Sciences including
  • Civil Air Transport Logistics
  • Civil Air Transport Management