Maritime Transportation Management Engineering

Teaching Period: 4 years

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Maritime Transportation Engineering Management (Deck) is to train students for operating vessels and bring them in skills and knowledge on internal operation procedures of vessels.

Job Opportunities

The graduates of this department can be recruited in merchantile vessels traveling long voyages as third fficer up to Captain, and can take up technical responsibilities in vessel construction (shipbuilding) yards and maritime companies.

Departmental Opportunities

The Department jointly meets the standards of IMO (International Maritime Organization of United Nations) MODEL COURSE 7.03 for Unlimited Watchkeeping Officer for Long Voyage, as required by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 95 (STCW 95), and standards of IMO MODEL COURSE 7.01 for Captain and First Officer training. Training in this department is carried out in compliance with the Regulations of Seafarers which was put into force by the Maritime Directorate of Prime Ministry of Turkey on 24 July 2001, and studies and assessment are carried out in accordance with the criteria specified in this ordinance.

7 of the 8 terms of the 4-year based educational period take place on campus, 6th term and the summer internships of the first and second years are carried out on vessels of Merchant Marine Fleet to provide students with both theoretical and practical training opportunities.

In this department, of which training principle is based on interdisciplinary training, maritime management instructions such as maritime law, vessel hiring, brokering, economy, staff management are given along with the courses on basic engineering, vessel technologies, maritime meteorology and oceanography.Throughout the training given in the first five terms, and as a result of practical training period on sea reaching up to 12 months in total, students achieve to standard knowledge and gain skills of oceangoing deck officers as required by Convention of STCW 95 at the end of the third academic year, and gain knowledge and skills for becoming Unlimited Master/First Officer.