Hüseyin MERAY

He was born in Cyprus, in Bağlıköy(a small village) on 20th May 1947. He completed his elementary education in the village school secondary education in Lefke town.

  • In 1965 he graduated from the Nicosia Türkish Lycee.
  • In 1968 he went to Turkey for higher education and in 1972 graduated from University of Istanbul, Philosophy department.
  • In 1972-1973 academic year he completed his study on English Language and Litarature in the City of London Polytechnic.
  • Between September 1973 and February 1974 he worked as stagiair in the commission of the European Union (at that time referred to as Common Market) in Brussels.
  • In 1974-75 carried out Post-graduated studies and specialised on European Affairs, at the College of Europe which is situated in Brugge, Belgium.
  • In 1976 turned back to Cyprus and occupied in International Trade in a small size enterprise as a partner of it.
  • In 1990 commenced working ın PPI Liner services, a ship owning shipping company continued at the same untill 1993 in “Ugland Brother’s” shipping company, a Norwagion shipping company which boughit out PPI Liners.
  • In 1993 enrolled to the Instutie of Chartered Shipbrokers in London completed his studies successfully in 1997 and accepted as a member of the Institute of chartered shipbrokers.
  • In the years 1997-98 he worked in a private shipping company in Istanbul.
  • In 1998 he started to work as a Lecturer in the Near East University at the Faculty of Maritime Studies.
  • At present he carry out his duty as the Head of maritime Business and Management and Lecturer.
  • Huseyin Meray is married and have two children.