Simulation Centres

Hydraulics Pneumatic Laboratory

In this lab students of Marine Engineering develop knowledge and skills on mechanical termic systems, power distribution of marine enginees and automatic controls of electrical systems.

Arpa-Radar Simulation

In this lab students study on all sort navigation conditions by using the Arpa-Radar Simulator (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) system in accordance with the STCW and IMO regulations. Also, ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Unit) was integrated and syncronized to trainings of Arpa-Radar.

GMDSS Simulation

GMDSS (Global maritime Distress and Safety System) refers to Global Communication System on maritime Dangers and Safety. Students are given training on maritime communication systems in accordance with the requirements of STCW and IMO model courses.

Engine Simulation

In this lab it is aimed to train students on possible mechanical and electrical problems that may be encountered in Marine Engineering.

Tanker Simulation

In this lab it is aimed to train students on international safety regulations regarding tanker operations, international regulations on preventing sea pollution, ballast operations, tank cleaning facilities, gas free and shipload calculations under simulation conditions.

Lifeboat Training Platform

In this lab it is aimed to provide mariners with practical training on ship evacuation, surviving in sea, rescue operations in sea, and first aid operations in accordance with STCW Convention.