Founding Rector

Dr. Cemre S. Günsel Haskasap, the Founding Rector of University of Kyrenia, was born on 9 August 1986, in Nicosia. Mrs. Günsel Haskasap completed her elementary studies at Near East Elementary School and her secondary studies at Near East College. She was one of the first graduates of Near East Elementary School.

Mrs. Günsel Haskasap started her higher education studies in 2003 at the Department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and completed her undergraduate studies with great success. Immediately after her graduation, she started another undergraduate program at the Department of Maritime Management and Administration of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and graduated from this department with spectacular success as well. Her well-developed academic and analytical skills were highly regarded throughout her studies and in her personal relations and consequently, she was encouraged to carry out further academic studies.

Mrs. Günsel Haskasap continued her academic career without pause through to postgraduate level and consequently obtained an MBA degree. After obtaining her MBA, at the final stage of her academic career she started a PhD program in order to be a subject specialist in Organizational Behaviour.

In 2010, Mrs. Günsel Haskasap was promoted to membership of the Board of Trustees of Near East University and was also appointed as a member of the Administrative Board of the Hospital of Near East University. Following this, as the Founding Rector, she led a team of academicians and administrators in establishing the University of Kyrenia as the first maritime university of Cyprus.

Dr. Cemre S.Günsel Haskasap is married and has a daughter.