Faculty of Health Sciences

Message from the Dean

We are just starting our first academic year in the Faculty of Health Sciences, a Faculty which makes part of Girne University, situated in the city of Girne, a city which carries important reflections from our recent history. Girne University is a modern institution which possesses all the basic understructure and facilities for teaching in specific areas.

In today’s world, team work is a key factor for health services to perform efficiently and successfully. In this concept, the health team comprises individuals trained in different branches. Thus, there is a need for educational programs designed to teach on a variety of  fields related to health. Our Faculty of Health Sciences aims to produce health workers of all levels  as well as academic personnel who are equipped with a sound knowledge in their respective fields,  who also possess skills in approach to patients as well as qualities which make them appreciative of human values and who also are professionals well aware of ethical values and of team work, who are trained in problem solving and who have self confidence in their performance.    The framework of our Faculty comprises a School of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and a School of Nursing.

The ultimate aim of our administration is to design and apply a strategy which, working in cooperation with other groups with similar aims, will promote our Faculty to become an internationally acknowledged teaching institution in the field of health sciences.

Taking this occasion, I would like to wish a successful working year to my teaching colleagues and to our administrative staff who, with their good will and hard work, I am sure, contribute to fulfill our aim which is to produce graduates who are, in addition to having a sound knowledge in their field, are also open minded, appreciative of the needs and mores of the society and who are individuals possessing problem-solving as well as leadership skills. I also want to express my best wishes to our beloved students who have chosen us in their educational adventure and  ensure them that we will try to do our best for them to benefit from this experience.

Let us walk together, hand in hand, to  a better future......

Prof. Dr. Rüveyde BUNDAK, Professor in Pediatrics
Dean – Faculty of Health Sciences