Kyrenia University Foundation welcomes Bülent Gardiyanoğlu

Bülent Gardiyanoğlu, Writer and Personal Development Specialist, author of "The Universe's Divine Language-Awakening", "Two Full One Single", "Remembering to Be a WOMAN," "Everything Begins With Realizing the Fact," gave a Personal Development Seminar to the students organized by the Kyrenia University Foundation.

Dean of Maritime Faculty Prof. Dr. Mustafa Altunç, Director of Kyrenia University Foundation Mutlu Soykurt, Maritime Faculty students and students from Psychological Guidance and Counseling Department of Education Faculty attended to the seminar.

In the seminar that started with the opening speech of Mutlu Soykurt, Director of Kyrenia University Foundation, Gardiyanoğlu hared experience on answers to questions; "What is personal development? What is the purpose of life? What kind of obstacles do we have on our way in realizing our life goal? ", and answered the questions of students.