Kyrenia University Foundation to organize II. Primary School Mathematics Competition

Kyrenia University Foundation, aiming to increase interaction between schools, integrate students, introduce different aspects of mathematics in a pleasant competition environment, promote attitudes and motivations to mathematics and gain new perspectives in the framework of a scientific activity, is organizing a mathematics competition. The first of the "Primary School Mathematics Competition" was held in last year and the second one is going to be held in May this year.

Application and Competition Dates

The deadline for submission to the competition, which will take place in two stages and will be free of charge, is Friday 21 April 2017; Competition dates was determined as follows: Individual Stage 9 May 2017, Final Stage 12 May 2017.

Competition and Award Ceremony to be held at Kyrenia University

The award ceremony of the competition will be held on the University Campus on 12 May 2017. Further information about the 2. Kyrenia University Foundation Mathematics Competition between primary schools can be obtained from the website or by telephone at 0 (392) 650 26 00- 4110.