Kyrenia University Women’s Basketball Team and Near East College raise fund for NEFES

The Red Nose Day event was organized at the Near East College to help the 6-year-old Breath Demirpence, who is suffering from neuroblastome cancer and under treatment. Kyrenia University Women's Basketball Team players and Coach participated in the event and gave support for NEFES.

According to the statement made by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, stands were set up, fun competitions were organized and concerts were held at the Red Nose Day event, organized by the English Department of the Near East College Secondary School.

The revenue received through the event, which was organized to contribute the stem cell transplantation and immunotheraphy treatments of Nefes Demirpence, was delivered to her family.

The students, their teachers and staff of the Near East College showed great interest in the foods and desserts prepared by the students with their own possibilities, and in the Tshirt symbolizing the Red Nose Day, and the other materials sold for charity purposes.

In the event in which Little Nefes also participated, the students said that they want to create awareness for Nefes Demirpence and they are happy to help her with the collected income.