Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün and Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Faiz Sucuoğlu Visited Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia University Hospital and Maritime Faculty

According to the press statement made by Press and Public Relations Directorate of Dr.Suat GÜNSEL Kyrenia University Hospital, Prime Minister Hüseyin ÖZGÜRGÜN and Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Faiz SUCUOĞLU, visited Dr. Suat GÜNSEL Kyrenia University Hospital.

According to the information given by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Kyrenia University, during the visit of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, the Founding Rector of the Near East University, Dr. Suat İ. GÜNSEL, Founding Rector of Kyrenia University, Cemre S. GÜNSEL HASKASAP, Rector of Kyrenia University, Prof. Dr. Ilkay SALİHOĞLU and Chief Physician of Kyrenia University Hospital Dr. Nail BULAKBAŞI accompanied the Prime Minister and Minister of Health.

Hüseyin ÖZGÜRGÜN; "It is a great pleasure to see that Kyrenia has a hospital equipped with such advanced facilities"

Prime Minister Hüseyin ÖZGÜRGÜN, who visited all units of Kyrenia University Hospital and received detailed information, and Minister of Health Dr. Faiz SUCUOĞLU stated that Kyrenia now has an hospital equipped with such advanced facilities after the facilities provided by the Near East University Hospital in Nicosia to the people of the region. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, pointed out that the hospital provides the public with great opportunities in health services by having three fully-equipped intensive care units, four operating theaters with advanced technological equipment, in particular three Tesla MR and two-arm angiography equipment. Following the hospital visit, the Prime Minister and Minister of Health visited the Faculty of Maritime Studies and the Marine Simulation Centre of the faculty.

Özgürgün and Sucuoğlu obtained detailed information from Prof. Dr. Mustafa ALTUNÇ, Dean of the Maritime Faculty about the Simulation Center. In the simulation, Prime Minister Hussein ÖZGÜRGÜN took command of a vessel for a short while in the open sea, the vessel containing all the equipment found in the captain's lodge on a real cargo ship. Prime Minister Özgürgün said that he was very influenced by the simulation, which has no difference than the real environment.

Prime Minister Hussein ÖZGÜRGÜN and Health Minister Dr.Faiz SUUCOĞLU expressed that they are very impressed by what they have seen in the University Hospital and the Maritime Faculty, and that this great investment is good for the people of the country and region.